30th Anniversary of the Spectrum


On April 23, 2012 the microcomputer many of us started with in this madcap world, the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, turned 30, so we at RetroMallorca wanted to arrange a party to be held on Saturday, April 21 from 11:00 to 8:00 p.m. in Room 2 of the Cultural Center s’Escorxador (Slaughterhouse) from Palma de Mallorca. Attendance was free. In addition to presenting different models of the Spectrum and its predecessors and successors, accessories, magazines, books and running software, we had some activities during the day. ACTIVITIES:
  • Talk with Juanjo Luna about how to make a device capable of providing the ancient computer with unthinkable add-ons in its days, as hard drives and flash memory cards (Simple 8-bit IDE interface) (stand Marce).
  • Preservation of the game “David el Gnomo” on vinyl (Emilio).
  • Demonstration of the Videoface video digitizer (Jordi).
  • Giveaway of an original Spectrum game cassette for the first 20 attenders (José).
  • We invited visitors to type a BASIC language listing from a magazine (Emilio). The program has been uploaded with an online emulator. Here are the intrepid people who participated:
    • Juan José Fuster
    • Xisco Servera
    • Rosa Mª Fiol
    • Guiem Font
    • Aina Fermoselle
  • Jetpac game tournament (Alfonso).
  • BASIC demoscene competition of Speccy.org forum users: We suggested trying to make something to compete either alone or in group (contact us). It’s a competition without deadline: you develop a demo which competes with the winner to date, ad eternum (Marce).
Here you can download David el Gnomo preserved from vynil in TZX with cover and instructions
  • Successfully set a local network with two Interface I. We always wanted to do this (Emilio).
  • Bring your computer to RetroMallorca, whether the model is of Spectrum, or Sam Coupé ;-), and we will check its “health” for free (Jordi).
  • Demonstration of Colorator: PC editor (Java) of Spectrum high resolution color images (Marce).
  • Exchanging of material.
  • Dinner at Kapadokya (more information here).

Event coverage

Our RetroActivo podcast dedicated programa to it.




Playlist (only anniversary vídeos): SpectrumTV:
  • Juan Carlos: He showed us an Indescomp keyboard for the 48k among many other things.
  • Emilio: Preservation. BASIC listing typing. Interface I local network. TV playing related videos. Games and more.
  • José (Drachco): Superfo Harlequin clone demonstration. Games and more.
  • Jordi: Free computer testing, demonstration of their various programs (Universal Machine Code Loader assisted by voice and controlled with joystick, Clever & Smart, cow animation, etc.), USB-PC adapted Spectrum keyboard, automatic MicroHobby POKEs finder, Videoface video digitizer.
  • Jaime: Games, etc.
  • Víctor: Interface I, games, etc.
  • Vicente (Tecnoretro): Hardware tweaking. Spectrum motherboard. Games and more.
  • A multimedia touch kiosk where you can solve your questions about these devices, courtesy of SD Assessors.
  • Alfonso: Jetpac tournament. Thanks a lot to all participants!. The rank:
    • Víctor Blanch, scored 134.575 points without dying through 31 stages and giving up his last chance to improve his score, becomes this way the winner of the competition.
    • José Calvo reached the fifth and got 18.660 points.
    • Juan Carlos García reached 18.515 points in the fourth stage, getting the third place.
  • Juanjo & Marce: Speccy.org Forum Users BASIC Demoscene Competition . Demonstration of Colorator. Easy creation of games with different utilities: 3D Construction Kit (Freescape), 3D Game Maker (isometric) or Adventure Game Designer (platforms). Surprise game: (virtual) prizes were given through a QR code showing briefly on one of the exposed computers (Marce):


S'Escorxador Shopping Center Avda. Emperatriz Eugenia s/n 07010 Palma de Mallorca By car Valldemossa Road: access through Avda. Emperatriz Eugenia and Calle carretera Valldemossa Airport Road: access through Autovía (highway) de Levante, Carretera Valldemossa exit By public transportation Interurban Buses: Estación Intermodal, located at 1.100m Urban Buses: L12, L20, L27, stops at 50, 100 and 150m respectively Taxis: stop at 300m Pedestrian access Avenida Emperatriz Eugenia Calle Carretera Valldemosa Map
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10 thoughts on “30th Anniversary of the Spectrum”

  1. @gronzraguer No nos engañemos, va a ser una cosa mucho más sencilla que RetroMallorca 2011. Por eso mismo y porque esto tiene un enfoque muy diferente, mucho más interactivo, creo que nos lo pasaremos mejor, tanto los que lo hacemos como los visitantes.

  2. Nos vemos alli!, por cierto habra alguna indicación para encontrar la sala 2?, el escorxador es grandecillo

  3. @Enric1983 Fenómeno! Pondremos unos carteles. De todas formas creo que no tiene pérdida con en el Gmaps de arriba.


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