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Have you kept a Sinclair Spectrum computer for years and don’t know if it works or not?

13 Apr , 2012  

If your case is you don’t have the power supply, the cassette tape player does not work, missing TV cable or any other reason, you now have the opportunity to check if your computer is still “alive”.

Bring your computer to RetroMallorca, whether the model is of Spectrum, or Sam Coupé ;-), and we will check its “health” for free.

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BASIC demoscene competition of Speccy.org forum users

12 Apr , 2012  

On the 21st we are suggesting trying to do something to compete in the BASIC demoscene competition for Speccy.org forum users, either alone or in groups (contact us). It’s a competition without deadline: you develop a demo which competes with the winner to date, ad eternum.

Eventos, Spectrum

Vote for the game on the Spectrum’s 30 anniversary’s tournament

9 Apr , 2012  

Are you going to play some rounds for the 30th anniversary of the Spectrum? You choose the game (deadline for voting: Friday 13 at 12 pm):

[poll id=”3″]

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RetroMallorca celebrates the 30th Anniversary of the Spectrum at s’Escorxador

23 Mar , 2012  

In 2012 RetroMallorca will be diversified. Instead of one big event we will have different specific ones on a smaller scale but equally interesting.

The first will be a party to commemorate the 30 years since the appearance of the ZX Spectrum, one of the best selling computers sold in Spain in those days and that was the start in computing for many people. It will take place on April 21 at the Cultural Center of s’Escorxador, Palma de Mallorca. More details on the space we have dedicated to it on our website.


(Castellano) RetroActivo en “El Mundo del Spectrum”

18 Nov , 2010  

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En El Mundo del Spectrum han dedicado una entrada a RetroActivo Podcast. Desde aquí les agradecemos el apoyo y la difusión que nos brinda un proyecto tan conocido como el suyo.