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21 Jul , 2013  

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El próximo sábado 27 de julio, a partir de las 17 horas, estaremos de nuevo en directo con vosotros para hablaros del lenguaje de programación BASIC. Sin duda este lenguaje tiene un significado especial para muchos de nosotros, puesto que fue lo primero que nos encontramos cuando encendimos nuestros queridos ordenadores de 8 bits. Desde luego no comenzó en esa época la andadura del BASIC, así que os invitamos a descubrirlo con nosotros.

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RetroActivo Podcast #15: Spectrum Anniversary

12 May , 2012   Video

By surprise, don’t know if Juansa was the one who came up with the idea of making this program (who would have thought at the time from a recalcitrant MSX user), which explains how went the event that we at RetroMallorca dedicated to the ZX Spectrum. People attending wasn’t as much as RetroMallorca 2011, as expected since it hadn’t the same fundings and advertising. But the important thing is we enjoyed it a lot.

In this program we had some of the participants in the event, who broght us their vision of it, and their experience and memories of a machine that celebrated its 30 years.


  • Jordi Mejías (@Mejias3D)
  • Juan Salvador Sánchez (@savermsx)
  • Emilio Rubio (@erubio0)
  • Alfonso Ben (@damextwiter)
  • Guillermo Font (@guiem184)
  • Enric Isern (@Enric1983)
  • Antonio Ben (@Payoacuatico)
  • Xim Almendro (@ximosoft)
  • Marcelino Luna (@marce34)
  • Xisco Márquez (@xisken)
  • Jordi Fernández (@xipikaiser)

Xim Almendro at the technical control.

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Happy birthday, Spectrum!

23 Apr , 2012  

30 years and still in top form… Here’s a summary of what was the day that we spent dedicated to our dear last Saturday. We will be updating with more photos, videos, links, etc..

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(Castellano) Este sábado RetroMallorca celebra el 30 cumpleaños del Spectrum

19 Apr , 2012  

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Lo sentimos, la publicación del podcast del libro electrónico se retrasa, pero tenemos una buena excusa. Se debe a que este sábado 21 de abril RetroMallorca organiza el festejo del 30 aniversario del ZX Spectrum en el Centro Cultural de s’Escorxador, Palma, con un montón de actividades que nos han tenido ocupados. ¡Os esperamos a todos!

El tema del próximo podcast no está muy claro pero, dado el reciente fallecimiento de Jack Tramiel, fundador de Commodore, aumentan las probabilidades de que aprovechemos para abordar el tema con una segunda parte sobre la compañía.

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Dinner and more information of the Spectrum day activities

16 Apr , 2012  

You can read further information for the 30th anniversary of the Spectrum celebration.

Two games equalized in the tournament poll. The organization has chosen Jetpac!

We’ll have the dinner at 22pm, in the Kapadokya Turkish restaurant.

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Elite Systems

14 Apr , 2012  

Arriving home from the meeting to organize the anniversary I find this email:

From: Steve Wilcox
Subject: Happy 30th Birthday Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Just read about your event next week and wanted to send you our best wishes for a wonderful evening.

Given the theme, we thought you might like to know that you can still enjoy ZX Spectrum games 'on the go' via our Apps, including:

ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection

and ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection HD

You can also follow our celebrations of the event on Twitter @elite_systems

On Elite Systems website:

Incorporated in England in 1984, Elite was originally a leading developer and publisher of groundbreaking games for the Sinclair Spectrum and Commodore 64 home computer systems.

Today Elite is a highly-specialised developer AND publisher of game software products for handheld, mobile and wireless systems; providing mobile network operators and selected other partners around the globe with "the best names in mobile games".

Whether you're looking for the latest groundbreaking new title releases, or the ultimate retro gaming for your mobile / handheld, welcome to Elite!

By the way, do not confuse the software house with the game Elite (Juanjo is doing something like a remake in Java)

Your games (Bomb Jack, Commando, Ghost ‘n Goblins, Ikari Warriors, 1942 and many others) made us dream! We’re looking forward to see the current products for more platforms! Thank you very much, Steve!

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Have you kept a Sinclair Spectrum computer for years and don’t know if it works or not?

13 Apr , 2012  

If your case is you don’t have the power supply, the cassette tape player does not work, missing TV cable or any other reason, you now have the opportunity to check if your computer is still “alive”.

Bring your computer to RetroMallorca, whether the model is of Spectrum, or Sam Coupé ;-), and we will check its “health” for free.