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RetroActivo Podcast #20: Experiencias propias en programación

28 Dec , 2012   Video

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Este es un episodio algo especial, en el que conseguimos reunir un buen puñado de gente para que nos hablase de su experiencia en el campo de la programación. Y lo cierto es que, sobre todo, supuso una profunda inmersión en los recuerdos de cada uno sobre su primer contacto con la informática. Esperamos que sirva para refrescar el pasado a los que también vivieron aquella emocionante época, y como documento ilustrativo a los menos veteranos en la materia.

Aquí tenéis material relacionado de la conferencia de Jordi Mejías en RetroMallorca 2010:


Control técnico en directo: @ximosoft
Interacción con redes sociales en directo: @airsynth
Sintonía: @falken1975
Vídeo cabecera: @Mejias3D
Edición audio: @alabamacc
Edición vídeo: @airsynth

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2nd Dinner for retrocomputing and classic video games enthusiasts

3 Oct , 2012  

On Saturday October 27, at 9:30 pm, we will celebrate the second “Dinner for retrocomputing and classic video games enthusiasts”. The intention is to serve as a meeting place for all fans of the island, associated members or not. It will take place at Pizzería Di Trani in Palma, with a menu (starter, tasting pasta, pizza, dessert and drink) for 15 euros / person.

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IV Sant Jordi Pinball Tournament report

17 Aug , 2012   Video

(Click here for the 2013 review)
Pedro Díaz is a pinball fan who invited us last year’s to his Majorcan tournament. This time I could not break my word to go, and I’m glad I did because the experience was great.

The first thing that stands out is the place. It’s a beautiful “pagesia” (some kind of farm) glued to the Son Sant Joan airport runway in the equally beautiful village, although it took me a bit to find it because the entrance was not obvious. You may say that the aircrafts noise would be a problem, but it seems they greatly reduce throtle while landing, and we attendants almost made more fuss, so it wasn’t annoying at all.

I’ve never been fond of these slot machines but on Saturday August 4 I was able to appreciate the art that hides behind its restoration, maintenance and enjoyment. Even better, there was no obligation to pay for the games. Facilities are provided by AENA and attendance is free.

I found interesting that at least one of the pinballs had music instruments that were familiar, very similar to the FM-PAC (Yamaha YM2413) of the MSX 2+ and Turbo-R computers, if they were not the same sound chip. Other more modern machines had already digitized effects.

Locomosxca, known MSX user of Mallorca, is already a regular at this event and beat us with a good article and video.

Locomosxca enjoying the ecological cooling system (an irrigation pool)

An interesting anecdote is the one Pedro told us about the U.S. imported pinballs to Spain, which were more difficult to play because the players here showed more skills and the company was making ​​less money.

Pedro Díaz (Drator) and the trophies

We enjoyed a sumptuous barbecue in good company

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Batman Forever, with cooperation of our friend @dadman78 from Mallorca, wins several categories of the awards

7 Aug , 2012   Video

Batman Group produced what is probably considered one of the best 8 bit machine demos, Batman Forever for the Amstrad CPC. Last August 4th it had recognition by the biggest authority in the matter, the awards, achieving the first place in three categories: BEST DEMO ON AN OLDSCHOOL PLATFORM, BEST TECHNICAL ACHIEVEMENT and PUBLIC CHOICE. David Donaire (@dadman78) is the responsible behind some graphics like this:

At first we wrongly stated this was the screen created by David:

Amstrad begins!

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(Castellano) RetroActivo Podcast #17: Historia de las aventuras gráficas

6 Jul , 2012   Video

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Las aventuras gráficas evocan muchísimos recuerdos a todos aquellos que las han jugado, posiblemente porque la mayoría entrañan una gran historia, en la que el jugador se involucra irremediablemente para conseguir completarla.

Sin duda tienen su raíz en las aventuras conversacionales, y a partir de ahí hemos contado la evolución de este género, cuyos protagonistas fueron Sierra On-Line y LucasArts. En este viaje nos ha acompañado Carlos A. Marcé, co-creador de la aventura James Peris, y cuya experiencia jugando (y ahora también diseñando) este tipo de videojuegos ha supuesto una aportación excepcional.

En esta ocasión, la nota curiosa  se produjo en forma de fallo técnico, que hemos intentado solventar de la mejor manera posible. La explicación la tenéis al inicio del capítulo, pero recordad que el riesgo del directo es lo que nos caracteriza.


  • Carlos A. Marcé (@CanBumComics)
  • Juan Salvador Sánchez (@savermsx)
  • Enric Isern (@enric1983)
  • Emilio Rubio (@erubio0)
  • Víctor Fernández (@landoq)
  • Guiem Font (@guiem184)
  • Xim Almendro (@ximosoft)

Xim en el control técnico. Xim y Marce (@airsynth) postproducción. Este último interaccción con las redes sociales. Emilio se encarga del post. La música de la sintonía de RetroActivo (Retroactive) es de Vicente Quirante (@falken1975) y la intro (carga de disquete en adelante) de Jordi Mejías (@Mejias3D).

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“Crazy Pizza” turns your iPhone into a Game & Watch

8 Jun , 2012  

David Rivera has published, from Mallorca, this title that brings back the authentic flavor of the classic Game & Watch to Apple devices. He tells us that he was inspired by the title “Fire” from Nintendo to get a game so close to the original experience.

Crazy Pizza also includes a table of world records, which we would have liked to have in those days to compare our games to others. The Lite version (limited to 120 points) is free and there’s also a payment version. Try it!

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Juan Salvador Sánchez will do a speech at FiCiFan

13 May , 2012  

The lecture series Science Fiction and Fantastic, with the help of Edib, will have Juansa and the subject “History of Video Games” in the auditorium of Building Anselm Turmeda the UIB on Tuesday May 29 at 17.00h.

Here’s the rest of the program:

Dilluns 28
15.30 – Conferència intorductòria. Videojocs: del Píxel a la Paraula, a càrrec de Xavier Fuster i Magdalena Vázquez
17.00 – Conferència divulgativa a càrrec de Paco Blaya, coordinador de l’àrea de creació i desenvolupament de videojocs de l’EDIB.

Dimarts 29
16.00 – El Naixement del Ciberlector, Magdalena Vázquez
17.00 – Historia de los Videojuegos, a càrrec de Juan Salvador Sánchez.
18.00 – Conferència sobre programació de videojocs, a càrrec d’un represenant de l’EDIB.

Dimecres 30
16.00 – El Lector Interactiu: Immersió Distòpica a Grand Theft Auto, a càrrec de Xavier Fuster.
17.00 – Desarrollo de videojuegos: El departamento de arte en una producción NextGen.
Metodologia, a càrrec d’un represenant de l’EDIB.
18.00 – Taller: Desarrollo de videojuegos.

Dijous 31
16.00 – Conferència a càrrec de Juanra Molina, Filòleg.
17.00 – Taula rodona. Les perspectives de la realitat actual dels videojocs: usuaris, creadors, distribuidors i acadèmics. Moderen, Xavier Fuster i Magdalena Vázquez

* IMPORTANT: La provisionalitat del programa només afecta l’ordre en què es realitzen les conferències i/o els títols. Els horaris i el lloc no variaran.